Between assessment and migration, there's a
"big" middle.

It's about so much more
than simply "keeping
the lights on."

Full-on migration or management, we have
a team for that.

This needs to be a
first thought, not an afterthought.  


Dfuse Does DevOps. Fully automated processes – no empty promises.

You won't ever be talking to an
entry-level person.


Based on business impact, and you
wont need to call us first.

  • Let's compare theirs vs. ours

Your infrastructure should never be in the hands of a junior
engineer who only passed 65% of an AWS Cert exam.



There are some pretty big behemoths out there delivering AWS solutions. With that big-company
size comes big-company bureaucracy, and their “we-know- best” perspective.

At Dfuse, our engineers have the same AWS training and experience, but with the
small business attitude that makes it clear your business matters to us..





We won’t build an AWS architecture that you don’t comprehend, and we never make system changes without notifying you. So you won’t have surprise failures due to an unknown change.




Our SLAs are fair and we’re proactive about our own penalties.

We don’t ignore or hide our shortcomings – our SLAs (link to “proactive SLAs” on “Approach” page) are written to look out for you, and to hold us accountable. We’ve been known to penalize ourselves for missing the mark, before our customer even realizes any issue.


Here’s a scenario for you:

Your system goes down at 1:00pm on a Friday during critical operating hours. You have an SLA in place
with a recognized company for AWS Cloud managed services. That SLA has a clause that reads
something like this: “We will automatically acknowledge your issue report within 15 minutes and
provide updates every 30 minutes for critical issues reported.”  Who defines what is critical? How long
do you go without your system before the company is penalized and reduces your fees? What is that
penalty, and is it based on business impact? At Dfuse, our SLAs are specific and written with our
customer’s business in mind.

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